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Mold Making & Mold in China

Since 2003, Ace Mould is Located in Dongguan, China.

It is a privately owned company specialized in design, manufacture of high-quality plastic injection moulds, small and large production.

Very well reputation across Asia, Europe, USA, Latin American, India, Africa and others.

Our Clients are able to communicate with us fluently in Chinese, English, Italian and Spanish.


Our Tooling Division is an innovative tooling and mould making facility that is fully integrated with in-house design and production services.

Speed and accuracy are driven by high speed CNC machines YASDA-RÖDERS-FANUC-MAZAK and EDM & Wire-Cutting Machines SODICK and STANDY, the latest in CAD and CAM technologies and highly skilled toolmakers. Our production moulding area is equipped in total with 14 injection machines from 60 Ton to 250Ton all with robots and discharge belts.

We can even guarantee a capability from 90 to 3300 Ton Machines.                                            Providing excellent Top Management Service through understanding customers’ requirements is the utmost priority of our Job, giving rapid response times on project planning of tooling projects


Our fererence sectores are:

  • Cosmetics (Suppling very important companies of the sector)
  • Packaging (caps, crates, containers, thin wall)
  • Automotive (different products)
  • Electrical
  • Electronic
  • Gardening
  • White Goods
  • Custom solutions    
  • Prototype moulds

Our strong point, depending on the sector, is certainly multi-cavity moulds

We are committed to sign NDA Agreements with our Customers, that’s why Products and Moulds pictures can not be shown in this section.                                                

Please contact us on the page Contact us to get all information you need  in details.

Mould Design

Mould design an integral part of our services. From the Customer’s 3D and 2D we take care of the mold design including Mold Flow and all 2D drawings.

We can also provide if request the DFM and the reverse engineering service starting from a sample.


We are equipped with high technological tools and resources, Ace Mould has recorded constant growth over the years, expanding its market in all industrial sectors and garnering the satisfaction of prestigious and demanding customers.

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For any Request of quotation, meeting request and any further information Please refer to Mr. Graziano Ghiorsi Jem

Ace Mould Company Ltd
Injection Moulds & Molding

Mr. Graziano Ghiorsi Jem
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